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Desert of India, the Thar Desert, comprises of arid and semi-arid regions between India and Pakistan. The desert in India is characterized by vast expanse of hot sand mountains, growth of cactus and acacia and little greenery near the oasis. A major part of the Thar Desert lies in Rajasthan and a little in Gujarat. India Desert Travel is all about knowing Desert of India from the close circuit. Meet the desert people in their characteristic colorful dresses, exuding their warmth and hospitality, watch their folk dance and music performances, eat the local tempting cuisine and take a joyride on the vehicles of desert - camel and elephant.

ndia Desert Travel presents to you an interesting mythological story about the formation of the desert in India. It is strongly believed by the people here that this particular land was once under the sea and was home to numerous marine lives. Lord Ram, in order to reach Lanka with his army to rescue his wife Sita from the captivity of King Ravana who had abducted her by cheating, tried to dry the sea. However, as he was about to shoot his arrow, Sea God himself came out in a human form and prayed to him to have pity on life in sea. Lord Ram listened to his request. But nothing else could be done, as the arrow was out of the quiver and on the bow, he shot the arrow to a far-away sea. As a result, the sea dried up instantly and this dried sea is believed to be the Thar Desert. The archaeological excavations in the region have corroborated the belief of the people that there was indeed sea life some thousand years ago.

If you are interested in knowing more about desert of India, join hands with India Holiday Travel for India Desert Travel. Once you travel to desert of India, then only you will realize that a barren desert can be so rich in culture and heritage.


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