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Indian Wildlife Travel is an exploration of the vast wilderness of the woods of India that has the honor of being the home to the second largest base of bio diversity in the world. With more than 90 National Parks and 490 Wildlife Sanctuaries, India has successfully managed to preserve its beasts and provide them with a natural habitat to live and produce. Watch out these wildlife in action in their homes with Indian Wildlife Travel. India has a population of over 500 species of mammals and 30,000 species of insects. See the Asiatic Lions in action, One-Horned Rhino cooling itself in the water, Deer pacifying their thirst near the waterholes, herd Elephants wandering through the jungles, Tiger playing with his young one, colorful and chirpy birds all over the forest, India is a paradise for animal lovers.

Avail the opportunity to visit some of the famous wildlife sanctuaries in Indian Wildlife Travel. India is the place for the wildlife enthusiasts, ornithologists, researchers, and tourists from all over the world. Indian Wildlife Travel is an expedition to the well-known wildlife Sanctuaries in India to be close to the nature, brush with the wild population, to capture them on the cameras and to have the thrill and the fun of the lifetime.

Join us on the Indian Wildlife Travel for a lovely sojourn to:

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

India is a land rich in diverse flora and fauna. There are about 80 National Parks and 441 Wildlife Sanctuaries in India. To watch the wildlife in their natural surroundings visit the Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks in India. Several Wildlife Sanctuaries and quite a few National Parks were the private hunting reserves of the medieval Indian aristocracy and the British.

Wildlife Safari Tours in India

Wildlife Safari Tours in India is an opportunity to venture deep into the dark, dense woods to spot wildlife, sit around blazing bonfires, night halts in the tents in the vicinity of the reserve and shivers of trepidation and a chill going down your spine about the entire setting.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India
  Wildlife Santuaries in Rajasthan   Wildlife Sanctuaries in Gujarat
  Wildlife Sanctuaries in Uttaranchal   Wildlife Sanctuaries in Assam
  Wildlife Sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh   Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala
  Wildlife Sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu   Wildlife Sanctuaries in Karnataka
  Wildlife Sanctuaries in West Bengal


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